I’ve lived across four continents, for periods ranging from months to decades. I have more than a singular place I’m from; I live with angularity: I like busy African metropolises and the patter of Wall Street feet.

I like quiet Saturday mornings with herb tea and honey. I like Los Angeles and London, Beijing and Berlin, fufu and udon.

I trained as a journalist & I do what artists and thinkers do: consume and interpret everything.

At age 19, I became the youngest Ivy League alum to have graduated from Cornell University within three years.

At age 20, I was accepted into a Ph.D. linguistics program at Georgetown University, and finished a few doctoral courses before leaving to complete two more degrees at University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

In total, I have three Ivy League degrees.

Am I street smart or book smart? Well. There are many streets. There are many books.

My 4 sisters too banked all Ivies in their undergrad & grad years: Cornell, Harvard, Penn, and Harvard/Yale. Over the past few years, I’ve provided TV news commentary and/or contributed to every major cable news network in the United States, including: CNN/HLN, FOX Business, FOX News, MSNBC, Current TV (now Al Jazeera America), The CW Network, and PIX 11.

When featured, I discuss cybersecurity/tech & politics, women, and more.  

Written pieces for: AOL/Huffington Post,,, The Grio/MSNBC, The Root/Washington Post, Truthdig, etc.

I'm a millennial.

I'm a woman.

I'm certified in cybersecurity.

I run a tech start-up.

I've co-founded & sold a top digital women's mag.

I have five years of cable news commentary experience...and: 

I have an upcoming book out on saving our democracy from hackers & trolls.

I’ve also created, founded, or developed some high-revenue women’s/ professional/ entertainment websites and managed digital-editorial teams. My annual forum for women of media will be located at

I dig good people. 


China Okasi